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Our trip started off late morning, twelve people, two passenger cars, one truck with care packges, and one highway police escort SUV. On the way there, we were preparing ourselves for the worse with news of rowdy mobbs, and suggestions from other teams about trying to be discrete. We drove over 120 km by the time we reached our first destination, along the Karachi-Hyderabad highway. Within ten minutes of our arrival a crowd of women, children, and men had been formed, each person trying to tell us their story. The pain in their eyes is something that is indescribable. Some of these families had been displaced since the first round of heavy rain making that almost a month of relying on aid workers. I can only imagine how much ration they recieve since aid isn't always readily available.

As the crowd becomes bigger, it get's harder to control. At one point people just stop listening and they want what you have. This is not to discourage people from helping others, this is just to show how careful one must be and how hard it can become to do some good. When you're hungry and waiting around for your next food supply, you never know what you can be capable of. Women fighting with each other just so they can come closer to us and the truck, men snatching bags from our hands which eventually get torn from their greed. At one point all I could see were a swarm of arms and hands trying to reach out. People were climbing the truck, women grabbing on to our clothes, just trying to get closer to the supply; had the driver waited a minute longer to drive away who know's what would have happened next.

When we drove further away from the crowd for our safety, hanging on the back of the truck holding a bar with one hand and gripping my camera tightly in the other and trying not to fall off, I realized just how much these people had been impacted. I had chills running down my spine and almost had tears in my eyes needless to say this did not stop me from going forward. A couple of men follwed us on their motorcycles, and the police did their best to desperse them. Meanwhile my fellow team leader and i were escorted off the truck and into the police SUV for safety. A few minutes later our team regrouped and made a change in the plan. We drove back towards Karachi, and decided to stop at random camps posted along the road.

The first camp we reached must have had at least 20 families, if not more. We requested everyone to stay in their designated areas while we walked around with the supplys. Each family recieved one week of food, while families with children under two years of age received an extra package with powdered milk, and oatmeal to last fifteen days. These people were much more calm, maknig it easier to help them, talk to them, explain to them what they had just recieved and the best way to prepare it. We drove along further identifying more and more camps. Some larger than others, some more scattered and dispersed. They were further inland, but it seemed safe to walk in and find them.





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