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I have not hung out in a while. It's been over 2 weeks....That's a LOONG time...especially for me...Well i did see a movie last thursday...but it was just the movie- thats it- no going out to eat etc....Well i did go out to eat the other day...But i dunno i miss some of my pals that I haven't seen in a while...It's not the same hanging out without them..

Everyone is soo busy lately- myself included. And I don't see myself getting any "less busy" anytime soon.

All work and no play....Not fun!!!

im soo tired!! well guess i'm gonna go sleep now waterproof phone case..

thanksgiving was good- i made 5 different desserts..outdid myself as I try to do every year. The only competition is me vs me which is pretty intense lol. Each year I try to go and make as much as possible. I slaved away the whooole day in the kitchen. I actually enjoyed baking. It brings out that "maternal" side of me which I try to hide. I love all that cooking-cleaning- baking- taking care of people stuff. But don't let all those feminists know that! lol I try to make it seem as if i'm one of those crazy anti-housewifey people but deep down that's what makes me happy.
Even though one day i'm gonna have a career I still wouldn't mind doing all that stuff on the side The best mobile accessories.





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