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I haven't had breakfast in ages...Last time I can remember it was probably a few weeks ago. So today as I sip my tea I'm very happy =)

I never updated about that altercation thingy cuz I didn't really want to elaborate...It's stupid the whole situation. The fact that I wear my heart on my sleeve and chose to confront someone about something rather than talk about it behind their back- and to receive such an immature response? Ridiculous. Some people are out of their mindClaire Hsu.

I've realized lately that I really let my gaurd down. I've just been kinda going with the flow and being nice to people- not really taking into account that not all people are good or deserve to be treated that way. So the bitch is back- at least for some people. Until they get straight again because it's just not cool to be disrespected all the time.

I talked to my dad about how I felt. I told him that I don't appreciate him and mom judging me based on how their other kids have hurt them...Ya know just cuz my sibs did things here and there doesn't mean that I will. I know better not to do anything stupid. When I give my word- unlike a lot of people- I actually mean it. I never go against what I stand for. Ever. No one can make me budge. I'm stubborn as anythingClaire Hsu..

Other people though try to make it seem that they are stubborn. But they always come around and back my way. It just works that wayClaire Hsu...





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