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It's funny, no matter how long i've been away, when I have something pressing on my mind and I really need to put it down, this is where I return. It's the place where I more or less can look back and see the progression of self. Its like coming home. You see your younger you, your worries, your fears, and your triumphs. A place where friends are made, friends leave, and friendships grow, this is my xanga.

I've been living on my own with my bro for a year and there's still so much I haven't done in terms of decorating and set up. I'm kinda of a cheapy head, plus when you're living with another person I can't all go gung ho and buy things. He has to agree with them too and brother is selective. It's been Alhamdulillah, we've been able to maintain thus far. I'm happy though.

Workity work work: I'm managing three more clinics, bringing my total up to six, I don't count the other one because my coworkers are beast there and we all rely on each other. In addition there are those state contracts but they aren't bad either. The thing is I don't think I do much. I just ...supervise, facilitate, and troubleshoot. It sounds cooler than it actually is. I'm okay with what I do. Every moment I think of something more that needs to be done, but that's life right? I missed not being able to use my MPH degree so I secretly signed up for an internship. My boss has no clue, i'm writing for this NGO and my first article will be published soon. I'm elated yet frightened at the exact same time. InshaAllah it will be well.

I've joined the masses of smartphone users this week. Haha i've been putting it off for sooooo long. I didn't want to be one of those people who spent their days walking around engrossed in their phones so I've always kept things simple with my cell phone choices, despite the crazy looks i've gotten. Anyhoo i've decided on a windows phone because I liked the cleanness of the applications and the model of the phone. I felt android just wasn't for me, even though the app market is exponentially larger than windows. I really could care less about the app market, honestly lol. Oh the model, its an HTC Radar. lol. Omg almost forgot. I've gotten another new piece of hardware. My laptop. You guys know how attached I was to my former vaio. Honestly, its still sitting in my closet. I will never leave her NEVER. I got a Samsung and I haven't assigned a gender to it yet. It's very linear and not as curvy as a Vaio. It reminds me of a nice combover hahaha, so right now i'm leaning towards masculine.

Ramadan is coming soon but i'll try to write about that in another entry this week.....try.

Its always nice coming home.

Take care all.





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