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tuesday:: well.. i just gotta say, i laid awake last night worrying over a million things. like, there was a bomb threat at all the high schools in the area. and shayne thought kate's pants were too tight. and what if ben were offered drugs or showed pornography. and emma.. emma had diarrhea all day yesterday from a nervous stomach. and she doesn't even know how to spell her last name! what if that was the first thing the teacher asked - take out a piece of paper and write your first and last name across the top!!!! and was this all right online marketing?

were we totally screwing up by not homeschooling? how can you know you're making the right decisions with your kids? and on and on my mind whirled. and then. then this morning.. it was like it all lifted. i can't even explain it other than to say, GOD! the kids were all peaceful and happy. emma didn't cry a tear. and as i watched until i couldn't see her head anymore, walk into the school building, i turned and pulled my glasses down.. the tears came, but not really tears of sadness. tears of JOY! because God is good. and His grace is enough luxury brand.

wednesday:: we got thai food carry out for dinner to celebrate last night! and shayne made milkshakes. all the kids were talking a mile a minute and it was chaotic and loud and at one point shayne and i smiled at each other because i knew we were both thinking the same thing, we love these people we call our kids! this morning though there seemed a shift..

i came down to the kitchen early and saw the table scattered with waded papers of frustration and eraser shavings all over from kate's math homework. and nerves for trying out for football were getting ben. and emma was misty eyed and not so sure. daddy had to be at work early, and his presence gone i seem to lose some stability. how can he always be so calm? i think i worry far more. i need to work on that. i find myself watching the clock all day. counting down. kate and ben are home by 3. then we walk over to get emma at 3:30. the first day we looked like a parade. all of us showing up to get her. clapping as she came out the doors garage storage!





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