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when we lived in our farm house in cincinnati, there used to be these black rat snakes that would get in our old cellar..
i guess they liked the cool dampness down there during the hot summer months.
although i don't know why they couldn't have just hid under a rock outside like other normal snakes!

when we called the zoo to ask whether they were aggressive or not the nice reptile man assured us..
you couldn't have a "better" snake in your basement!
they were harmless. laid back. and we'd never have a rodent problem.

oh? and that's supposed to be comforting?

i think i'd rather stick to good old fashioned mouse traps and peanut butter than have the snake pit from Raiders of the Lost Ark in my basement!! thank you very much.

needless to say. i NEVER went in our basement.
once during an impending tornado. i stood with the kids right at the top of the stairs watching out the window incessantly.
the only way i was going down there in the middle of the night was if i saw a funnel cloud coming across our yard!

but. there was the occasional time when it was unavoidable. i.had.to.go.down.there.
like, when our outside faucet broke and had water spraying everywhere!!
i called shayne, who was out of town, and he told me i'd have to turn off the main water valve - IN THE BASEMENT!
after trying to convince him the basement wouldn't flood before he came home in two days...
or, that maybe having constant water running that way wouldn't really cost a fortune, i knew it was time to don my ghost buster's attitude and just do it!





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