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If you are reading this, I feel comforted . It's all I will ever ask of you.. it's ok that you don't pick up the card. I have a feeling that HC might have made you promise her to never have anything to do with me for her hand in marriage... lucky woman. When you called and told me you are her boyfriend, I shuddered... sigh.. how did this happen? I never thought you would fall in love with her. I should've known better to keep my enemy close. But you know what? She was supposed to be my confidant. She was suppose to watch out for me... and help me get close to you and get you to notice mefurniture storage...

I went up to Cornell twice, during your freshman year. I didn't go to college after HS graduation. You had no idea how depressed I was.. not attending the prom, not having any one sign my year book despite being a leading lady.. and not knowing where to go for college. It wasn't that I didn't want to apply to Cornell.. I simply didn't have the money for applications!! I had teachers volunteering to write references for me!! I had very embarassing SAT scores, but you know, if I could get into the LIU pilot program by mere virtue of my talent and passion for musicals, which was mentioned by the LIU recruiting staffs many times, I could've gotten into NYU or Cornell. These schools had enough academic geeks already, it can use someone like me! Because not all Asians were into stage performance at that time and certainly not being awarded lead roles!! At the least I could've qualified for NYU EAP program, like your cousin KL did. (She had Paul to guide her.. I had no one...) I was not inspired at all... I was just a plain loser company registration Hong Kong.

I worked at a take out restaurant and scooped ice cream at Carvel, while you were attending Cornell. What a sad imagery...you would never be attracted to a girl that worked in a take out. But you would've been attracted to a girl who had enough talents to become a opera or broadway singer, wouldn't you? Can't blame anyone for being vain, I am vain. I am vain with my feminine looks! I am vain to want to stay looking young and beautiful and turn heads!!! still, today!!! and I am glad I still do, after being fat with kids and now attractive again Cable manufacturer.

If I married you, well, don't mind me for wanting to look good as your wife.. don't mind me for wanting to become a trophy wife, to be able to be held by the waist and sport my long hair and be all leggy in my A line skirt and high heels when I attend your company functions with my wrist in your arm. LOL. I am not tall, I am not statuesque, but I am nicely and shapely proportioned, and have been mistaken to be a petite size model at times. I am the same height as HC and I CAN make the comparison! Sigh, I really wished you married someone else, someone that I didn't know.. marrying my best friend who was my only connection to you is a double edged sword亞洲知識管理學院...





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