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With no internet this weekend, I went to the Alley Cat to make use of their internet, but I forgot my camera card each time I went.

Once I got the new modem for the internet, though, school started up. I now have social, educational, and fiscal, and household responsibilities all thrown at me at once and I have little time to spend doing my blog that I wouldn't prefer spending staring into nothingness to allow myself to relax phone covers.

Things will calm down though, they always kind of do...and on the bright side I will be getting my computer hopefully in about 2 weeks. Woot. Now, I must - well, I was going to say go shower, because I have to be in bed in 30 minutes to wake up at 10 tomorrow...but I remember tomorrow is my late morning..so I don't have to wake up until 10nuskin hk!!

I do still need to shower though, desperatelyembroidery patch.

I would like to acknowledge the newest additions to my Fort Collins family and household. I no longer live with my friend Hana, but with a friend I met in Zoology club, Anton. The day before he moved in, I adopted 2 kitties. One is white with black spots very much like a cow, and is named Ziggy. The other, originally named Shasta is all black and renamed Tempestnu skin group.





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