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And forgetting thatFamished people must be slowly nursed,And fed by spoonfuls, else they always burst,one never knew when to leave off eating. For a few days Iwas seriously ill.
An absurd incident occurred to me here which might have hadan unpleasant ending. Every evening, after dinner in themess tent, we played whist. One night, quite by accident,Fred and I happened to be partners. The Major and anotherofficer made up the four. The stakes were rather high. Wetwo had had an extraordinary run of luck. The Major's temperhad been smouldering for some time. Presently the deal fellto me; and as bad luck would have it, I dealt myself ahandful of trumps, and - all four honours. As the last ofthese was played, the now blazing Major dashed his cards onthe table, and there and then called me out. The coolerheads of two or three of the others, with whom Fred had hadtime to make friends, to say nothing of the usual roar oflaughter with which he himself heard the challenge, broughtthe matter to a peaceful issue. The following day one of theofficers brought me a graceful apology human resources jobs.
As may readily be supposed, we had no hankering for furthertravels such as we had gone through. San Francisco was ourdestination; but though as unknown to us as Charles Lamb's'Stranger,' we 'damned' the overland route 'at a venture';and settled, as there was no alternative, to go in a tradingship to the Sandwich Islands thence, by the same means, toCalifornia.
On October 20 we procured a canoe large enough for seven oreight persons; and embarking with our light baggage, Fred,Samson, and I, took. For some miles thegreat river, the Columbia, runs through the CascadeMountains, and is confined, as heretofore, in a channel ofbasaltic rock. Further down it widens, and is ornamented bygroups of small wooded islands. On one of these we landed torest our Indians and feed. Towards evening we again putashore, at an Indian village, where we camped for the night.
The scenery here is magnificent. It reminded me a little ofthe Danube below Linz, or of the finest parts of the Elbe inSaxon Switzerland. But this is to compare the full-lengthportrait with the miniature. It is the grandeur of the scaleof the best of the American scenery that so strikes theEuropean. Variety, however, has its charms; and before onehas travelled fifteen hundred miles on the same river - asone may easily do in America - one begins to sigh for theRhine, or even for a trip from London to Greenwich, with awhite-bait dinner at the end of it dr bk laser hk.
The day after, we descended the Cascades. They are thebeginning of an immense fall in the level, and form asuccession of rapids nearly two miles long. The excitementof this passage is rather too great for pleasure. It is likebeing run away with by a 'motor' down a steep hill. The bowof the canoe is often several feet below the stern, as ifabout to take a 'header.' The water, in glassy ridges anddark furrows, rushes headlong, and dashes itself madlyagainst the reefs which crop up everywhere. There is notime, one thinks, to choose a course, even if steerage, whichseems absurd, were possible. One is hurled along at railwayspeed. The upreared rock, that a moment ago seemed a hundredyards off, is now under the very bow of the canoe. Oneclenches one's teeth, holds one's breath, one's hour issurely come. But no - a shout from the Indians, a magicstroke of the paddle in the bow, another in the stern, andthe dreaded crag is far above out heads, far, far behind;and, for the moment, we are gliding on - undrowned Hong Kong shopping.





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