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Mero went sprawling, blood bubbling from his mouth as the waves washed over him. A moment later the freedmen washed over him too, knives and stones and angry fists rising and falling in a frenzy. Dany turned away, sickened. She was more frightened now than when it had been happening. He would have killed me. “Your Grace.” Arstan knelt. “I am an old man online rental, and shamed. He should never have gotten close enough to seize you. I was lax. I did not know him without his beard and hair.” “No more than I did.” Dany took a deep breath to stop her shaking. Enemies everywhere. “Take me back to my tent. Please.” By the time Mormont arrived, she was huddled in her lion pelt, drinking a cup of spice wine. “I had a look at the river wall,” Ser Jorah started. “It’s a few feet higher than the others, and just as strong. And the Meereenese have a dozen fire hulks tied up beneath the ramparts -” She cut him off. “You might have warned me that the Titan’s.” He frowned. “I saw no need to frighten you, Your Grace. I have offered a reward for his head -”

“Pay it to Whitebeard. Mero has been with us all the way from Yunkai. He shaved his beard off and lost himself amongst the freedmen, waiting for a chance for vengeance. Arstan killed him.” Ser Jorah gave the old man a long look. “A squire with a stick slew Mero of Braavos, is that the way of it?” “A stick,” Dany confirmed, “but no longer a squire. Ser Jorah, it’s my wish that Arstan be knighted.” “No.” The loud refusal was surprise enough. Stranger still, it came from both men at once. Ser Jorah drew his sword. “The Titan’s Bastard was a nasty piece of work. And good at killing. Who are you, old man Kowloon Walled City?” “A better knight than you, ser,” Arstan said coldly. Knight? Dany was confused. “You said you were a squire.” “I was, Your Grace.” He dropped to one knee. “I squired for Lord Swann in my youth, and at Magister Illyrio’s behest I have served Strong Belwas as well. But during the years between, I was a knight in Westeros. I have told you no lies, my queen. Yet there are truths I have withheld, and for that and all my other sins I can only beg your forgiveness.” “What truths have you withheld?” Dany did not like this. “You will tell me. Now.” He bowed his head. “At Qarth, when you asked my name, I said I was called Arstan. That much was true. Many men had called me by that name while Belwas and I were making our way east to find you. But it is not my true name.” She was more confused than angry. He has played me false, just as Jorah warned me, yet he saved my life just now Ser Jorah flushed red. “Mero shaved his beard, but you grew one, didn’t you reenex? No wonder you looked so bloody familiar...”





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